How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

Recently, the most popular social networking site – Facebook – announced its new standalone app called Facebook Messenger, which makes it extremely easy to communicate with friends on a mobile device. More and more people now use Facebook Messenger to send messages and chat in real-time for free. If you communicate via this app a lot, you should have much valuable information stored in messages and conversations.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

It is indeed a tragedy when you accidentally delete Facebook messages you meant to keep on your Android phone. What’s worse, Facebook offers no way to recover them. But, not all hope is lost. If you’re looking for ways to retrieve deleted Facebook messages on Android, here’s the right place. Read on and learn how.

Directly Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

Facebook Messenger follows the principle called Off the Internet. That’s to say, there is a copy of the same messages on your Android phone memory. When you deleted the messages off Facebook Messenger, they still exist on your Android phone and you can retrieve them back.

1. Download any file explorer for your Android phone, like ES File Explorer.
2. Run the File Explorer app and go to Storage/SD card > Android > data > com.facebook.orca > cache.
3. Now find the “fb_temp” folder, with which all your Facebook Messenger backups are stored.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

Note: You can also find the same backup file by accessing your Android phone memory from your computer. All you need to do is connecting your Android phone to computer via USB cable.

Recover Android Facebook Messages with Android Recovery Mac

Another way is using a third-party tool called Android Recovery Mac. This powerful recovery program can scan your Android phone for deleted/lost Facebook Messenger data including messages, conversations, and attached photos, videos in the chat history. It works well with all popular Android phones and tablets, even the latest Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Note 5 etc.

Free DownloadWin VersionFree DownloadMac Version

1. Run Android Recovery Mac and select the data types you want to recover.
2. Connect your Android phone to Mac via USB cable. Once recognized, click “Start” to scan for deleted Facebook messages on the device.
3. When the scan is completed, preview the recoverable Facebook chat messages in details and choose those you want. Then click “Recover” to save them on your Mac.

Note: If you use WhatsApp other than Facebook Messenger to chat with others, and accidentally delete important WhatsApp chats on your Android phone, this program also do a good job to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.